The Wandering Gallery is a nomadic public art platform presenting contemporary art, music and creative workshops in regions (squares, housing estates, schools and summer festivals). We focus on places where extremism grows uncontrollably, we talk to people for whom attending a cultural event or cultural institution is an unimaginable or unattainable luxury. In collaboration with international artists and through the metaphoric language of art we draw people’s attention playfully to the risks of extremism, racism, and xenophobia, fake news, conspiracies, hoaxes, home violence. The vision is to help people learn to think critically. The Wandering Gallery covered 15,416 km in Slovakia, 73,216 spectators attended our performances between 2017-20. We visited Budapest, Graz, Maribor, Koper, Celje, Zürich, Prague, Warsaw, Roma, Torino and other cities between 2007-2010.