We trust in people, in functional public spaces, in thoughtful urbanism.

We trust in honesty.

We are experimenters, searching the lost, using the contemporary and discovering brand new qualities. It is our way of life and the decision to serve the society to bring quality, time confidence and pride.

We play with urban interventions, we create new places suddenly full of lives.

We invite art to public and private places, we do it sustainably and responsibly.

We educate through the generations, we improve the skills of children and young adults, we connect senior generations with the youth.

Through particular steps and methods, through the art and design, through communication and cooperation we gain our aim - tolerant, multicultural, sensitive world.

We are a research, education, and exhibition platform focused on incubating innovative ideas of curators/artists, and connecting them with local and international experts/audience. Our vision is to motivate people to think critically.


Our experimental projects are designed for untraditional public spaces  such as:

forgotten but historical place in the very heart of the city:
new innovative temporary center for art and culture,

multicultural laboratory and the giant music box 

gallery/cultural center, 


or facades of buildings on town squares:
CRAZYCURATORS BIENNALE – augmented reality .


urbanKONTAKT core
we are three experimenters modestly but persistently looking for innovative solutions to improve people's quality of life and a more sensitive relationship with nature through art, design and architecture.
We love to cooperate!

is an architect, urbanist. He re-creates dead urban spaces to places full of life. For his new way of thinking about the public space he is laureate of the CE-ZA-AR AWARD 2015 - national architecture award and later on of CE-ZA- AR 2019 by winning also a special award in category PUBLIC. He uses architecture and urban planning as a tool to remake the space, to help the public to “use the space”. He became an expert in transforming school buildings into the places that meet the education needs of  the 21.st. He is a strong networker always seeking for honesty in society. His projects such as Šafko, Kontakt, Riviéra, Kontakt at Pohoda festivals and many more became a game changer in society which due to these projects started to perceive a public space in a different way.


is designer and manager. She founded Slovak Fashion Council in 2011 to support local creative  textile and fashion art, related industry and presentation to both professional and general public. She continuously works on projects with public art and audience development, cooperating with municipalities. She is the laureate of the National Design Award. Dana is a leader of Deti pre Bratislavu (Children for Bratislava) - a project where  children are transforming the city  in cooperation with the artists and experts, led by the Bratislava municipality.

 is a curator, art critic cultural operator and pedagogue. He was president of AICA Slovakia, vice-president of AICA International, member of IKT, the founding director of Kunsthalle Bratislava, the founding editor-in-chief of Flash Art – Czech and Slovak edition, director of SPACE gallery, Billboart Gallery Europe, Crazycurators Biennale. He is editor-in-chief of Jazdec (Rider) art magazine, director of Curatorial Studies Institute, teacher at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and Faculty of Art, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University at Ústí nad Labem, Czech republic. Curated more than 200 exhibitions (Prague Biennale, Mediations Biennale Poznan, The Last East European Show Belgrade, Armenian Artfair). He was lecturing in Oxford, New York, Tbilisi, Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Poznan, Amsterdam, Venice, Krakow, Vasa and Växjö.